M÷gliche geplante ─nderungen/Verbesserungen

Zwar nicht offiziell, aber doch wohl aus gut informierten Kreisen - hier eine Liste der vielleicht geplanten Änderungen/Verbesserungen des Spiels, welches noch immer meine komplette Freizeit beansprucht:

1) Item trading...
Linked items is a high priority. Auction is a lot of work, so right now bugs and easier fixes are delaying this feature.

2) Landscape Variety
A very high priority for ongoing work. We understand everyone's desire to shake up the settings. You won't have to wait long.

3) Uniques
Fixed in testing here

4) We should have the ability to auto set the map to be on.
The map going away on death is a known bug that isn't that high a priority, frankly, but the map should stay up/down while zoning. It works for me on my dev build. I'll look into it.

5) Chat box
Many chat improvements coming shortly, and many more on the medium term list.

6) Inspecting others gear...
Again, not a high priority (sorry) but on the agenda

7) dropping items
Dropping items causes a lot of performance issues, so its worrisome. Why do you want to do this?

8) Make it easier for players who arent in parties to find each other!
Ideally we want to have a "warp to"-type button accessible from chat or buddy and guild lists. It would only work for players in a town. Its proving to be technically tricky, but we're working on it.

9) A shared portion of the stash
Pretty high priority. In our first big content patch, I hope.

10) I've fallen through an environment object several times and it has placed me back at the beginning of the zone.
Off-hand I can't remember where we are on this. I'll track it down.

11) Run/sprint speed...
I actually like it the way it is, but I'll bring it up to the team

Dies ist ein Zitat aus dem offiziellen Forum, und wie gesagt - INOFFIZIELL, aber wer 'wünscht' dem wachsen Flügel

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