"The Abyss Chronicles" - Patch 2 Inhalt

Auf der offiziellen Seite wurden nun Inhalte des kommenden großen Updates bekanntgebene:

  • Group PvP, PvP games, and PvP ranking
  • The Abyss "endless" dungeon
  • Big Ben/Parliament Square adventure area
  • Three new base monster types
  • Five new bosses
  • New skills for all classes
  • New high end armor for all factions
  • New weapons for all factions
  • Consignment house
  • Shared stash
  • Instance switching


Our biggest major content update yet (well, until the next Chronicle). Sizable additions to the PvP department, seriously unique skills for all classes, new armor and weapons for all factions, new monster types, new bosses... Oh, and then there's the consignment house and shared stash. Big? This content update is HUGE. Now for some glimpses at the sights to be seen when you enter... The Abyss Chronicles!

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