Underground Communique: der w÷chtenliche Forum-Newsletter

Flagship plant die Veröffentlichung eines wöchentlichen Newsletters im offiziellen Hellgate: London Forum. Darin soll z.B. eine Newszusammenfassung, Neuigkeiten zu kommenden Patches oder Links zu Interviews von Flagship-Mitarbeitern enthalten sein. Aber hauptsächlich sollen auch die Forenuser bestimmen können, über was sie lesen wollen.

Der Newsletter nennt sich Underground Communique, und die erste Ausgabe könnt ihr über den nächsten Link lesen.

Underground Communique #1
Week of March 31st

Greetings, Hellgaters! This is the first of what will be a weekly series of "news summary" posts which cover current Hellgate: London events and developments. Expect this series to grow in content and format as it will be formed around what the community wants to hear more about. That's right: your feedback will help mold this regular "forum newsletter". One plan is to have it include links to short interviews with Flagship Studios employees. Another is to announce frequent contests with it. We'll figure all that out as it develops.


Multiplayer Patch 1.3 Update
No doubt everyone's interested in the latest on Patch 1.3 so here's the lowdown: it's nearly ready for Test Center but needs to have a few more of its new features tested rather than have it be trial by fire. Additionally, something our Sydonai (EU) players will be excited to hear is that Patch 1.3 will allow for EU subscriber access to Test Center.

ETA: Later this week.



Single Player Patch 1.2 Update
Solo Hellgaters have waited a long while to hear the news which was announced late last week. A Single Player patch which will match to Patch 1.2 is waiting for a new build before being made available as a "beta" of the final Single Player patch. More on this will undoubtedly be available in the coming days.

ETA: Later this week.



Developers Decide on "Cleanser" Quest Item Solution
This in straight from the developers:

Since many players enjoyed doing Oculus boss runs, we've done some work to allow these runs again, but this time in a more complete fashion. The portal from Monument Station to Angel Passage is now permanently blocked. Players who would like to fight Oculus after reaching Monument Station may use the Station Travel Terminal to return to Temple Station. Any player who has activated, or completed, the "Scrub the Deck" quest and does not have a Cleanser, may speak with Ser Sing in Temple Station to get another one. The Cleanser is no longer removed when the "Scrub the Deck" quest is completed. 



"Reconnaissance Mission" Screenshot Contest Ending!
In two short hours, our first contest of the Stonehenge Chronicles will come to a close. For those not yet familiar with it, the "Reconnaissance Mission" tasked players with bringing new images of Stonehenge and its surrounding environs to the people of Holborn Station way back in Act 1 of Hellgate: London. We've received an impressive number of stunning submissions. If you're interested in participating, it's not too late! Follow the link to learn how:


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